The Solid Foundation Of Rock Bottom


Drop a bouquet of cut roses in a dumpster

Grow a garden on the dreams sleep stopped giving you

Self-administer shots that can only make you sicker

Bring an infant’s casket to a baby shower


Finance a divorce attorney’s mansion

Never give anything your all; for you already have so little

Do not return a smile, just make sure to save the receipt

At your mother’s funeral, they can’t see you cry


Even God makes mistakes, you are one of them

Exist in a way that no one notices, especially your reflection

Be the death of the party; better yet die at the party

Become baptized in the very water you are drowning in


You will not be a memory less bitter than honesty

Never sing in the shower, water has known sounds more sonorous

Don’t forget that being heartless also makes you light hearted

You are nothing more than nothing


Published at Scarlet Leaf Review and Thought Catalog