My Zelda


 How we were legendary

Venturing to adventure beyond comfort

How we kept awakening in the past

Each other’s feathers shimmering in time with the Macarena

A species of songbirds going extinct

Too majorly entranced by each other’s masks

We have found reasons for seasons for ages

We live inside each other’s pages

Waking up next to you in the wind

Our linked larynxes couldn't be broken by four swords

You painted a far from minnish cabin on the ceiling of my skull

What have you been but my twilight princess

On a painted mountain with a snowy cap

So cold and alone there without a phantom like me

Turning our hourglass to track our spirits

How they seem to fly away like irritated magnets

How I would get high as the skyward and roll out some sore words

From between worlds we have lived, where we live, where we think

And what is the difference between trying and forcing to a hero

Only looking for a breath of the wild


 Published at Twenty Two Twenty Eight