Cat Lady


I feel like fighting my demons to life

Beating them until they are cold water forged

With blood that can drip off the stucco ceiling

They can hate me as much as I hate how much I hate hating everything

This is second order malice; easily stuffed into pillow cases


Swiftly my closet turns into a dilapidated Middle Eastern news reel clip

Shred the thirsting threads and wash my brain blood off my fingers

Shake your parents’ hands and say, “how lovely to meet you.”

Tell your grandfather I once had one just like him


Then I start calling everyone whores and bastards

I pour vodka into the punch and pour the punch on my head

Strip the toupee from your aunts’ scalp and stuff it down my throat

Gag it back onto the floor and say,

“I’M A CAT! I’m a crazy cat lady! I’m crazy!”


Uncomfortably hiding my erection every time I hear,

“I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.”

I’m not real and you keep trying to fight me to life

I am just a demon and I will just be left smeared across the walls


Published at Terror House Magazine